The other day, I dreamt I was in some zombie-filled post apocalyptic world with portals, potatoes, and tornados.

And I don’t remember the significance of some of that either, but there was a very helpful dog that I was terrified of for part of the dream that may or may not have turned into a child and/or a teenaged scientist/wizard (looked like Allison Scagliotti) who was the key to saving us–if only we could find her again.

 Of course, when I woke up I posted on Facebook about it (mostly because it was the app I happened to open and I wanted to type it up before I forgot it), and someone’s reply was that it sounded like a good book. (My grandfather’s perfect reply was, “Fascinating. We will figure this out & know all about you.” And my response to that was an equally snarky/serious, “Perfect. When you figure it out, you could let me know.”)
So the question I now present to you is: Do I write this story?