So a few weeks ago, I saw a survey website I hadn’t seen before, which is super exciting for me because I loved doing surveys and such in college, econ geek that I am 🙂

Of course, as soon as I got a free minute (that I remembered the website), I created a survey just to try it out.

The site is called Typeform and it’s really easy to use. I’m sure there are more features that I’ll want to try in the future, but for now, I’d love if you could try out the survey I created about BE Budget Explorers, Patreon, and awesomeness, and if you could let me know how intuitive it is for you (and also just data, love love love data). Random Survey about BE!

Ok, now I have to turn my phone on airplane mode because I’m going to visit my dad for his retirement party. TTFN!