Hello, friends!

If you follow me on Twitter, you already know the adorable cat pictured below.

Either way, allow me to introduce Emy, my gorgeous 14-year-old fluffy friend.

She’s had quite a week.

Emy (short for Emerald, because her eyes were green when she was a kitten) has always been a sweetheart. When I had to stay homeĀ sick in high school, she would “babysit”: whenever I woke up, she’d either be in the bed or in the middle of the room looking up at the bunk bed; she would smell my nose and forehead; she cried and came running if I sneezed; she gave my mom a death glare if she tried to take me outside (and when we got back and I fell on the couch, she had the perfect, “I told you not to take her away” look for my mom).

This week, she was sick, so much so that Angel (my other cat, who is generally not at all empathetic or bothered with how other people or cats are doing) yowled like crazy at my bedroom door to summon me Tuesday after I heard what just sounded like a hairball. Emy was sitting stiffly and non-responsive (except to move when I tried to move her from under the table) for about a half hour, after which she sat as if to clean her belly and froze again, and red-tinted urine leaked out šŸ˜¦

I put a towel on the sofa when it looked like she’d jump up there, which she did, sat and froze again, not even paying attention to Angel (on the left below, so worried about her sister).

During that time, I pet and talked to her, and made calls, including to our local VCA, whose advice nurse said to bring her in.

They ran tests and on Wednesday, they let us know that Emy has a UTI (urinary tract infection), and gave her antibiotics. (They’d already put her on painkillers, because they knew from symptoms and the exam that it was likely a bladder issue, and painkillers apparently help the cat stay mellow so they don’t strain as much to pee–which is what can cause the throwing up.)

Poor darling did get a bit high from the painkillers, but she’s finished those now, and just has antibiotics for another week or so.

Needless to say, plans forĀ BE Budget ExplorersĀ have gone a little bit off schedule.

The extra cost to take care of the emergency visit and lab work reminds me of this photograph from last week, though:

Adopting a pet is a commitment, and while doing so might derail some plans (or crochet projects), it is totally worth it.


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(Hugs and get-well wishes for Emy are also greatly appreciated. I love this sweet old lady cat so much.)