Good morning!

While I’d intended to share the last two worksheets of Lessons for Life: Artist’s Budget Coaching today and Friday, I will instead aim to share them this Friday and next.

To be honest, I have been struggling more than usual with depression and anxiety for the last few weeks. I know I will be fine, but that knowledge doesn’t fully disperse the feelings of helplessness, sorrow, and worry that I am not doing all that I could be doing to help others.

This year has been particularly rough for a lot of people; I know several people who are experiencing what depression truly entails (not just sadness or loneliness or something that can be solved with something as simple as a good talk, a hug, or a smile) because of the constant emotional bombardment through news and social media. People who have been struggling with issues of depression and/or oppression are, understandably, also having a difficult time. We have the benefit of knowing how this goes, so it is not a new shock to our system as it is for others, but that same experience can lead to a greater sense of hopelessness.

I don’t really have any words to say to make everything better for everyone. I don’t think anyone should give words that much power right now, when actions are needed. And I don’t know what will happen or if things will be ok. I certainly hope they will. And I hope for enough motivation to get through my depression for today, for at least these next few hours, to do some good in my little corner of the world. And then in a few hours, perhaps I will rest or perhaps I will have the strength to hope for more motivation.

Keeping little successes coming is essential for me at this stage, from something as “simple” as getting dressed or eating all my meals in a day to a little piece of promotion for B.E. … But by far the most helpful thing for me right now is to have budget coaching sessions. I am able to set myself aside and be present for my clients, and I get such great joy from doing what I do still believe I am meant to do. Even my depression and inner critic can’t argue against the evidence that I am providing an essential and excellent service for my clients. Which is why, especially when I am at my most depressed, if I can muster up any energy, I use it to seek out new clients.

At any rate… I do have the worksheet drafts written out, as I have for a month now. Throughout this month, the series has continued to develop with the support and suggestions of readers, friends, and family, and I am so grateful for all of you. 5.01 really just needs to be typed up and proofread at this point, which is why I do still hope to post it by Friday, despite this week’s travels.

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Thank you again for your support, and stay safe out there.