As you may know, I am a budget coach — and a total budget nerd!

I think budgeting is awesome and I want everyone to be empowered to use budgeting to their advantage, achieve their dreams, all that amazing stuff…

My Patreon account supports me in creating new content, as well as providing pro bono coaching and a sliding scale.

I used to do a daily podcast, which is still available on iTunes (ta da!) and you can still check out and use the accompanying journals, self-published on Amazon (here’s my author page).

I have a new project that’s been in progress for a while, and it’s actually somewhat related to my newest project called “Awesome People Portfolio” (working title, it’s been changing around lol)

And I’m also working to steadily increase my coaching business through, you know, coaching.

The problem I am having today (and have had before) is that I don’t know what sort of “carrots” to use for the “Goals” on Patreon.

Which is why, for today, I have ended up at:

On the day (or day after) we get to $75/month, I will share with patrons an extra WIP (work in progress) glimpse at what I’m up to that day!

Within 7 days of reaching $150/month, I will request questions (especially from patrons) and create a special Q&A podcast episode or video. Goofy (and still SFW) questions encouraged! (But I can already tell you: yes, I sing to my cats. Next question.)

I will sing to my cats, and record it on video. Can’t guarantee that you’ll want to turn up the volume, though.
Also, within a week or two of meeting this goal, I’ll set up an hour to do a Q&A on Discord (patrons’ questions will be prioritized if we end up short on time).

Anyway, you already knew I was weird, but now you know I’m awesome (or, at the very least, a cat lady).

Please consider pitching in with a dollar, follow, or share!

Happy Friday, fantastic friends!