I haven’t used Instagram all that much lately, but if you were following this last week, you’d actually have a fairly good idea of what’s going on in my life.

Most importantly: puppy! (That is, I met my sister’s & her boyfriend’s new puppy. So much cuteness! Also, somehow managed to try to eat my hair, even though my hair is usually fairly short and is even shorter since a haircut last week… Anywho…)

Also, I was in San Diego for my boyfriend’s sister’s wedding, so you can see the amazing bar and wedding arch that their dad made (and will be auctioning off… I told their dad I want to see an instagram account of the process pics/videos and completed projects; he makes so many awesome things!)

And, I was one of the alums featured on the Episcopal Service Corps’ Instagram account last week; you can check out the familiar picture here.

At any rate, the new project for Falling for Knowledge (Awesome People Portfolio) is going well. I have 6 out of the 10 interviews for the first 10-week segment on Webcomic Creators. If you have a favorite webcomic creator who you’d like to see featured, please let them know to DM me on Twitter (here’s my tweet requesting submissions).*

That’s it for today, wonderful people! I’m still recovering from all the (fun!) travel, and have many emails to send to some fantastic people I met at a networking event last Wednesday.

*Update, 5/31/17: All 10 interviewees are now lined up for the first segment, but more segments will follow, so please keep sending in suggestions! Thanks!