I’m excited to announce that very soon, Falling for Knowledge will have a new blog series, called “Awesome People Portfolio” — and we’re starting with some awesome webcomic creators!

The first 10-week segment will go from July 5 – September 6, with one new interview posting each Wednesday.

I already have four awesome creators who have completed the emailed interview, and I’m really excited to share their answers! I will also be interviewing people in other professions, as time allows, and of course, I’m looking forward to following up with some of our first interviewees sometime down the road.

Please let your friends know about this! I will gladly create introductory interview questions for a variety of professions and hobbies; and going forward, will schedule segments once they consist of 5-10 interviews per profession or hobby.

If you or a friend would like to be interviewed, please DM me on twitter at @mills0509, and I will reply ASAP 🙂 (Let me know what profession or hobby, please, if it’s not for the first segment on webcomic creators. Hurray!)



Thanks for your support!