Hello, again!

It’s been quite a while since I last posted… (You might have forgotten you were following this blog.)

I’ve been working on my coaching business, B.E. Budget Explorers, particularly finding new clients to work with. I love coaching, so please consider trying out the “free initial consultation” option here, and mention it to a friend.

But I didn’t get back here just to tell you about my business; I’m hoping to start writing again for this blog, though I’m not sure how frequent it’ll be able to be or what sort of posts/topics will come up…

To start out, though, have you guys heard of The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron? I’m just about to finish Week 4 (out of 12, and I expect I’ll go through it again… there’s just so much there…)

If you haven’t, I heartily recommend checking it out (and trying it out). If you have… please, tell me more! I’m discovering that I love hearing about people’s experiences with this book.