So you are marching.
Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. I have a few questions for everyone who feels a surge of hope.
What are you doing tomorrow? And the next day? And the next?
What are you doing when the president verbally assaults your fellow citizen?
What are you doing when the narrative of the “thug” continues and places you in opposition with “them” because “you are peaceful”?
What are you doing to demand our representatives represent us? Not on a single day or in response to a single issue, but every single time they misstep, every single day they work for us?
What are you doing to keep that surge of hope from burning you out? 
How are you managing your expectations?
What are you doing to ensure your self-care and that everyone else is cared for so this doesn’t become “well a huge cool thing happened but it didn’t do anything so why bother”?
Have you checked in with your friends or old childhood enemies on Facebook or wherever, to see how they’re doing, to let them know they are not alone, that they can talk to you and that you will not sympathize or placate? That you will say, “I have no words” or “😡” before you say “I’m sorry that happened.” That you will work to ensure it doesn’t happen again rather than just post words.
Every day, every moment is a march.
In every moment, with every choice we make, each movement in our daily march, we show our answer to the question, “Where are we going?”
Look at our daily lives. Where are we going?
Is it the same direction, the same methods that brought us to this point?
It’s like we have this vehicle and people keep trying to take the wheel and anytime conversation happens amongst the people (who have no choice but to be passengers) about where we should be going, most of the people assume that we should go where they think we should go (even if that’s not all the same place).
In this situation, what is radical is not making another power grab and trying to change the direction, but rather listen deeply.
Some people already do, or already have, and are tired of nobody doing the same for them. Can you hear them? Some people talk and talk but never say out loud the pain that wraps them in fear. Can you hear them? Some people just want to believe if we keep going in the way we have been going, we will all be able to make our way, if we work hard enough — fearing that even if this is true they may not measure up, so if the standards change, they won’t stand a chance. Can you hear them?
Nobody is the lone character of a story. We are all in everybody else’s story. We all affect each other, we all are affected differently.
Where are we going?
Where should we go?
It is time to listen, not just to sounds, not just to words and grammar and signals of formal training, but for meaning. We all have that. It’s time to listen, not with senses or our minds, but with our souls. One soul to another, we will find our way.