(My sister is brilliant and I love that she let me run with this concept. It’s so useful!)

B.E. Budget Explorers

AKA, How Is Money Management Like Making Music?

Last month, while my sister and I were talking about various budget-related questions, she came up with the idea that money management is like music.

If you go to an advanced class or hear music on the radio, and you try to join in with whatever instrument you want to learn, that’s probably not going to work out. You might hear that the correct technique is to blah blah blah, but when you try, you can’t do it because you don’t know the basics yet. You could just jump in at the point where people are trying to refine what they do, but you’re probably going to get really discouraged.

A lot of the “basic” advice people say about money isn’t necessarily basic, but it sounds logical enough, so it seems like it is. Just like listening to a professional flautist…

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