Hi, all!

I know it’s been a while since my last update; things over at BE Budget Explorers have been developing quite well, and the project I began for the Patreon page has had to take the back-burner due to all the excitement for the business’s real-life opportunities. (More on that within the next few weeks.)

The cats both had medical issues to deal with. Emy’s UTI was not gone when they tested, so she’s been on a new medication to try to kick it… She’ll still have that medication for another week or so, then after a week, she’ll get tested again, at which point, hopefully they will say, “Yes, it’s gone! Hurray!” Meanwhile, Angel had to have 5 teeth removed, so they’ve both been on a wet-food-only diet (because Angel always tries to eat what Emy has and Emy won’t eat the dry food anyway once she smells the wet food). Angel’s on the wet-food-only for another, oh, I think 10 days at this point.

Sorry I haven’t gotten to more updates, and thank you for any good thoughts you send for my cats’ healing.

Joy and peacefulness,