As I mentioned previously, I’d planned on reading something of a book every day during September, partially to be reading more, and partially to actually get eyes on some of these books on my shelves. Last week, I described my bumpy start to a month of reading something of a book each day, having only read on half the days.

While I did read some of a couple books this week, it was even less of a habit than the previous week — I don’t even remember which days I read these parts of these books.

However, I’ve been developing and practicing other habits.

I’ve been working on BE Budget Explorers (probably too much, I should get better at giving myself a break now and then). I’m really excited about this #BiteSizedBasics project.

I’ve also been plugging away at #C25K (Couch To 5K), and have made it to Week 4 (of 9). I’m ecstatic because I have learned (through this app, of all things!) that I can run. When I was younger, I was diagnosed with “mild asthma,” and running for any extended length of time (i.e. more than a short burst) has been a problem for me for as long as I can remember. I’ve been learning more about my limits and what it feels like to be on the edge of those limits, which means I can be safer and more effective when I am exercising.

I’ve mentioned a few places (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), how less than a month ago on Week 1 Day 1, I could only jog very slowly when it said to do so for the first 60 second rep, and then I struggled just to keep walking for the rest of the 30 minute workout. A couple days ago, at the end of the 3-minute bursts of jogging, in particular, I felt the beginning of the slimy, ice-cold sensation at the back of my throat and through my chest, but I slowed down, and was able to complete those workouts! I even spoke with someone on the phone for 10 minutes while walking after the last of those (Week 3 Day 3). I ran for 3 minutes at a time twice within a half hour on three different days last week!


This post is entitled “Developing a Habit,” because I’d been hoping to develop the habit of reading each day. But I have been developing the habit of jogging for C25K, something that a couple months ago (and still kinda now, too) would have felt unlikely, if not impossible.

I’m sure in this next week, I will keep up with the C25K habit, and exciting progress has been happening with BE Budget Explorers… And, I actually want to read more of the two books I skimmed last week.


What have you been reading, accomplishing, and/or developing this last week?

Monday, September 5 – Sunday, September 11

Posting: Monday, September 12


Book: The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are, by Brené Brown

Intention: read a little, be inspired

Accomplished: skimmed first 20 or so pages, skim some more

Impression: LOVE it, of course*

  • *This one was kind of cheating, because I’ve already read a good deal of Daring Greatly, another of this author’s works, and found it immensely helpful. That book references this one, and I knew from that section that I really wanted (and still want) to read this book. I’ve also mentioned before on this blog (or at least I intended to, it was a busy time), how much Amanda Palmer’s The Art of Asking has helped me — the foreword is by Brené Brown, and in a way, all these books have that common thread of love and trust and hope stemming from the strength of being vulnerable.
  • I should probably actually read this book and then do a separate post about it, though that’s bound to happen anyway.
  • Reflecting on what I’ve read in this book so far has been helpful for me this week as I have struggled with who I want to be with regards to reading and still seeing my accomplishments in other areas, i.e. who I am/how I am allocating my time and energy. This book has been a useful reminder to be understanding and accepting of myself. I look forward to reading more.


Book: To Do… Doing… Done! A Creative Approach to Managing Projects and Effectively Finishing What Matters Most, by G. Lynne Snead and Joyce Wycoff

Intention: skim, determine if I will keep this to read more another day

Accomplished: skimmed

Impression: going to read in depth ASAP

  • I’m liking the easy-to-follow structure, how it has a nice little list of what the chapter will accomplish, and what seems at a glance to be an intuitive use of headings and such.
  • I will read more, probably with a notebook or at least pencil and paper handy, to brainstorm how I will apply this information in my life.