Lately, I’ve been trying to do too much, or rather, I’ve been doing a lot, but expecting even more from myself, so I keep pushing. Objectively, I know, this seems like a great way to burn out.

I’ve been moving, which has been a big enough challenge. But this is also the first time I have pretty much all my stuff in one place for quite a while (like, probably 2002, or so).

My grandparents let me store stuff under their house and in one fo their closets (still have to finish clearing out that closet). Then, when I was moving things out of the place I’ve been living since 2oo2, my boyfriend let me store things in his garage (since I was still at LEVN for the year). And that, of course, brings me to LEVN, where I had brought plenty of stuff (read as too much) and through that annoying dorm-phenomenon had somehow acquired even more stuff by the time Move Out Day came along.

As you might imagine, every time I planned what my new room would look like by what day, I inevitably forgot a large chunk of my stuff.

Also, I got an amazing free desk from Craigslist, but that also takes up space… And of course, I can’t use it until I can get to it.

So, lately, I’ve been disappointed by lack of posting here on FfK, minimal progress on BE Budget Explorers, and my work on moving (which people keep assuring me is actually very impressive, but because I originally set extraordinarily high expectations for myself, it’s hard for me to see that).

I’ve also been not adequately scheduling down time for my body to rest, as I’m not used to moving so much stuff around.

So, I’m continuing to learn:

  1. “Current expectations are future regrets.” (a saying certain wise people in my life learned from wise people in their lives)
  2. Be my best (in the Four Agreements sense: not more or less than your best in any given moment, with the understanding that the quantity and quality of your personal “best” is variable, not constant)
  3. Moving sucks (but apparently I’m fairly good at it, minus the expectations end of things)

How have you all been doing?