The end of the LEVN year draws nearer, which means a lot of changes: I’ll be moving out of the LEVN house in Davis, CA, I’ll be changing my work routine, and the people I’m used to seeing and hearing around the house will be miles away from me, moving on to their next great adventure.

It also means a “final blog post” which is supposed to be about twice as long as the blog posts we’ve each been doing every other month (there are eight of us, and the blog posts weekly). Those blog posts are supposed to be either around or less than 1000 words. I don’t remember which. I’ve usually stayed as close to 500-700 word range as I can, because even if I don’t share it, I know that LEVN does, and don’t want their readers to think of the post as tl;dr (too long; didn’t read).

But this last one is supposed to be 2000 words, a retrospective on the year.

What could I possibly have to say that would keep people’s attention on the LEVN Volunteer Blog website for 2000 words?