Hi there, internet people 🙂

I mentioned reflecting in a previous post, looking back and thinking on an event, circumstance, book, etc. This morning, I’m reflecting a bit…

What I’m thinking about is how much happier I am than I have been in the past. And I’m curious to see what my mind comes up with when prompted with the question: why?

There are, of course, environmental factors (like having a job which is fulfilling — which for me means feeling like I am helping goodness and happiness take more of a foothold in this world, particularly with those who have not felt much hope for that; or like being surrounded by people who not only aspire to but are working towards that same noble goal).

But even working and living in this environment, I have seen a change in me, and it is a change that I have worked for.

So, to start with, I think I’ll list the positive changes stemming from books.

I have drawn inspiration from these; after reading them, my attitude and my belief about my aptitude have changed.

  • The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo
  • Passion Planner, created by Angelia Trinidad
  • Writing with Power, by Peter Elbow and Writing Your Dissertation in Fifteen Minutes a Day, by Joan Bolker
  • This article about habit

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up is a book that I found extraordinarily useful, particularly when I was helping my sister prepare to move. I highly recommend it. It is quirky and funny, and has helped me let go of objects and find joy in what I have.

The Passion Planner is not a book that is already written out; it is a planner. But is not merely a planner. It is a challenge to think of yourself and what you desire, and a tool and motivational guide to making your way to achieve things that are significant for you.

The writing books have inspired me to try to write daily, and the article about habit has helped me use the time in my day more efficiently and effectively, as well as be more dedicated to taking the baby steps every day to reach goals like using Duolingo, read more, etc.

What books have kicked off useful change in your life?