You didn’t ask my opinion, but while you’re here, let me tell you about this app that’s changing my life.

The app is called “Balanced,” and it’s everything I was looking for in Apple’s “Reminders” app and more.

It allows for recurring reminders at irregular intervals. So you’re not limited to just Mondays or weekdays at a specific time, or when you get to a certain place.

For each task, Balanced allows you to choose to be reminded anywhere from 1-6 times a day, week, month, or year. So, I have it set to remind me to drink water multiple times a day, and it will prompt me to try cooking something new once a month.


I like it because I don’t have that wondering voice at the back of my mind saying, “What if there’s something I’ve forgotten?” and also because it tracks how you’re doing overall and at completing each task.

It’s also easy to just glance and see what’s up next because as something gets closer to its deadline, it moves closer to the top. It seems to be based on what percentage of time is left. So if I have only 10% more of the day left to do a daily task and 5% more of the month to do a monthly task, the monthly task would be higher on the list, even though there’s less time to do the daily task. But since that daily task comes due faster, it’ll move above the monthly one soon. I like that, because it adds immediacy to the longer term tasks by grouping it with things I need to be doing very soon (even as soon as this very day).

I don’t like when I’m busy and can’t say that I’ve done things before they come due, so I get marked as late, but overall, that’s a minor complaint.

There’s a free version and an upgrade you can pay for. I paid for the upgrade on the same day I downloaded the app because I knew it would be that useful for me.

Will this app be useful for you? Do you already have it?