Dear self (and/or reader),

This is just a little reminder that you are great. There are all sorts of things that can happen that will shake your confidence. But if that didn’t happen, if you just kept thinking that you can definitely do whatever, you wouldn’t learn about new things to aspire to. You wouldn’t learn about the strengths needed to weather the storm, strengths you didn’t know you had.

There are always going to be people in the world who don’t see the dragons, the improbable, powerful, unknown, unknowable, indescribable truths of life. And of those truths, the most likely to be perceived and transmitted often seem to be the negative ones, the painful ones, the ones that say, “Nothing good will come of this. Why bother?”

Why bother? Because not all that will come of this is good, but so often good will find a way to come through that anyway. And so often, we are good, we do good, we aspire to love and we prove ourselves worthy of the positive connotation ascribed to the word “humane.” It is not always, but it is enough. For now, it is enough. Because it has to be.

But what is enough today doesn’t have to be enough tomorrow. We can work for more. We can reach for the dragons, even if we don’t see them. And so we can act as though we will one day fly.

If we chose to act solely in accordance with the logic of past actions, the past is all we can be. But if we take on the role of one who will fly on dragons’ wings–will, not might–there is our chance to break the cycle of what is conceived and perceived as reality, there is our only hope for change.

More people want to see the dragons, more people want to change the world. You can see it in the stories we crave.

And you can use stories and art to inspire that change.

You can. And you will.

Love yourself.