Good morning, sweet, fabulous people.

There’s a lot of stuff going on. Well, there’s a lot going on all the time, I suppose.

It’s hard to think of one specific thing that I’ve learned lately. I think that the main thing that I need to keep reminding myself is that sleep is important.

I’m not one of those folks who can go to sleep well after midnight and still wake up to get to work the next morning. I do envy them. I need a full 8 hours of sleep, or as close as possible. But not more than 10 or so hours, because then I usually get a headache.

I love data. So that’s relevant because I have to say that I love what Facebook is doing with the data they collect about what people like and don’t like, and all those (relatively) new emoticons they have as options, and I love that they’re actually using the knowledge available to them to tailor the experience they provide their viewers.

What I don’t like is that I have given them too much data about myself and so they keep providing content that sucks me in further and keeps me clicking and reading and on their website or app. And that’s not bad–except if I have other things that I’d like to be doing, which I do.

And I’ve also developed the habit of clicking on the Facebook app most times when I’m using my phone, instead of just when I want to look at Facebook. And because of all the data I’ve provided them, that timeline I open the app to is very interesting…

So now I’m working on creating a new habit. When I open an app, I try to remember to ask myself, “Why are you opening this app?” so that when I answer, “I don’t know” then I close it (or at least I’m more likely to than if I didn’t ask the question) and when I answer, “To look up how ____ is doing” then I am reminded not to look at the timeline but to look up ____ and see how they’re doing.

It hasn’t been working perfectly, but I’m slowly making progress.

What habits are you working on adjusting? What has worked well for you when you try to change a habit?